Bill Baker Memorial

On the evening of Tuesday, February 25, 2014, we said goodbye to a tremendous gentleman and advocate of Boy Scouts and our trail system.  
“Uncle Bill” to not only his own nieces and nephews but to all who knew and loved him, Harold William Baker was a genuine one-of-a-kind. (Harold William Baker obituary

Aside from being one of the original founders as well as former Scoutmaster of Chelsea Boy Scout Troop 476, Uncle Bill’s contributions to Boy Scouts were plentiful.  Ever been to Camp Munhacke?  Uncle Bill arranged a land deal with the State of Michigan to secure several hundred feet of waterfront along Bruin Lake for the camp!  Have you enjoyed the annual Fall Color Hike at Camp Munhacke?  Chances are excellent that you were handed a cup of warm cocoa by the one and only Uncle Bill himself as you completed the hike at the “Uncle Bill” pavilion.  Speaking of the Fall Color Hike, have you ever wondered what the initials “BBT” stood for as you hiked along it?  That’s right, it’s the “Bill Baker Trail” (aka, "Boy Scout Backpacking Trail").

During summers off from his job as a teacher in the Detroit Public School system, Uncle Bill was instrumental in the creation and maintenance of several area trails.  Two in particular include the Potawatomi Trail within the Pinckney Recreation Area and, thanks to Uncle Bill’s sale of some key land to the state, the connecting Waterloo-Pinckney Trail.  Uncle Bill’s absolute love of nature and exploration were a perfect match with the Boy Scout program as demonstrated by his assistance with and support of the trail system.  “I dreamed of having a trail out here – a Boy Scout trail,” declared Uncle Bill.

Uncle Bill was an incredible inspiration to many, especially within the world of Scouting.  His encouragement, example and enthusiasm will be forever remembered and respected.  

Tremendous gratitude to the many who so graciously contributed to the Bill Baker Memorial fund. 

The donations were used to fund an Eagle Scout project along the Bill Baker Trail.  What made this project so unique and special as to benefit from the Bill Baker Memorial funds?  It was the project of his great nephew, Parker Stahl of Chelsea Boy Scout Troop 476, and was all about honoring Uncle Bill while improving the trail that bears his name.  In other words, preserving his legacy with respect to everything that Uncle Bill held so dear - Scouting, trails and family. 

Enjoy the pictures of the project as well as a copy of the write-up that was handed out to all participants of the 2014 Fall Color Hike!
Potawatomi Trail,
Feb 28, 2015, 11:12 AM